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Christine stays independent

Posted 12 September 2017 in Case studies

Christine uses a head stick for most tasks as she can only move her head and one arm (even this is tricky to control) as a result of cerebral palsy. Remap Essex Central have made her a whole range of head sticks for different tasks, and various other supporting gadgets to make life a bit easier.

Some head sticks have been designed especially for touch sensitive screens such as smart phones and tablets whereas others are for more general purposes such as turning on lights and speakers, operating a camera and so on. In the main photo she is demonstrating an eating system she uses. She can use her arm to move the lever with a fork attached, but this only clears part of the food on the plate. What to do when you need to turn the plate to eat the rest of the food? Remap made the cunning device that looks like a big gear wheel which is mounted on a “lazy Susan”. Christine can easily rotate it then lock it in place using her head stick.

Collecting a head stick

Volunteers from Remap Essex Central also made a storage system so that Christine can stow one head stick, select another and fit it unaided.


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