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At Remap we recognise that many of the people we help are at particular risk from coronavirus. In addition, our free service is provided by a network of volunteers, many of whom are retired and at additional risk themselves.

Our priority is to keep everyone safe so we are avoiding face to face contact where possible. You can find our policy statement here. As ever, please contact your nearest Remap group for their advice.

Keep well and stay safe!

Ivy is gently rocked all night long!

Posted 16 June 2016 in Stories

Ivy was brain damaged at birth and has always liked to be cuddled and rocked before going to sleep. Now she is eight years old and has to be hoisted into a hospital-style bed, her rocking routine was proving impossible with the result that she could not get to sleep. Volunteers at Remap Bedfordshire have produced a solution which has greatly aided her sleeping.

 The hospital bed has been mounted on a wooden frame which allows the bed to be rocked from side to side like a large scale rocking crib. A mechanism was then added to power the rocking motion so that it reliably and quietly rocks Ivy throughout the night. She now drops off to sleep which, according to her Dad, is very encouraging!

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