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We are still here and able to provide custom-made equipment free of charge.

Painting again!

Posted 25 July 2016 in Stories

Robert is passionate about his painting hobby but was finding it difficult holding his paint brushes. He has a condition called cerebellar ataxia and uses a wheelchair. Martin, a volunteer with Remap Leicestershire and Rutland, solved this problem with a short length of cycle inner tube!  Robert also had a problem getting close enough to his easel from his wheelchair, so Martin crafted a pull-out support with adjustable arm rest, Robert's paintbrushthat could be clamped to Robert’s desk.

2 responses to “Painting again!”

  1. Joanne Kerr says:

    Painting again!

    I attend a weekly Art class for people with physical disabilities run by the charity ECAS. This device looks as if it would be perfect for some of my classmates, especially fellow wheelchair users

    I wondered whether either a similar item or the plans would be available for sale

    Thank you

    • David Martin says:

      All our equipment is provided free of charge! Just contact your local group (see the contact page) and explain your situation.

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