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Remap supports the Big Life Fix

Posted 2 December 2016 in News

Big Life Fix team

The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve is a new three-part transformational science series for BBC Two, following a group of designers, engineers, programmers and tech experts as they face the challenge of coming up with innovative interventions that transform the lives of people all over the UK.

Remap, the national charity that helps disabled people achieve independence and a better quality of life by designing and making equipment for their individual needs, is working with The Big Life Fix team to give on-going support to the inventions.

The series features solutions for nine different sets of people, from a man who is almost paralysed who wants to communicate with his family to a thirteen-year old boy born without hands and feet who is desperate to ride a bike, and a woman with Parkinson’s who wants to gain the control of her hand. All of the inventions in the series are unique to the contributors and are prototypes. Remap has offered to give on-going practical assistance to help fix any issues that may develop with the prototypes and to provide any other equipment that may be needed. The charity has over 70 local groups of skilled volunteers around the country.

Ros Ponder, Executive Producer at Studio Lambert who made the series, said: “This has been an extraordinary series to make and our fix team of designers, tech experts and engineers have created some truly incredible solutions which are unique to the individuals. Remap has a network of over 900 skilled volunteers who can help maintain the legacy of the work our fixers have created, and we are very grateful for their support.”

The team at Remap also acted as advisors during production of the series and understand all the cases well.

David Martin from Remap said “Working on the series with Studio Lambert has been fascinating; the fix team has used ingenuity and creativity to solve problems in a way that was not thought possible. This is truly inspiring and reflects the heart and soul of what we do as a charity all year round. We are very proud to be involved and to help maintain the support that all of the contributors get.”

Remap was set up in 1964 and it specialises in creating tailor-made equipment to help disabled people to carry out essential daily tasks without having to ask for help, or helps them take part in leisure occupations or sports that would otherwise be impossible. The charity provides over 3,000 fixes each year and supported three Paralympians at this year’s Rio games.

Big Life Fix website

5 responses to “Remap supports the Big Life Fix”

  1. Lionel Took says:

    My wife has a condition called ‘essential tremor’ – not Parkinsons, but the tremor symptom is similar. Can you tell me how she might access the tremor smoothing device developed in the BLF programme to see if it will work for her? Thanks.

    • David Martin says:

      Emma’s watch is an early prototype and the Big Life Fix team is currently exploring opportunities for it to be developed further so that it might be available to more people in future. If you have Parkinson’s and you are interested in getting involved with any potential research and development, please email your full name, contact number and email address to: emmaswatch@studiolambert.com

  2. Jenny Jones says:

    Brilliant programme last night, good to see that REMAP have been involved with the projects. I work as an OT & have been impressed by the work of REMAP for many years. This programme was inspirational & demonstrated the difference small things can make to peoples lives.

  3. Dee Cowell says:

    I saw the incredibl Big Life Fix and have a friend with disphagia who is desperate to communicate via an iPad or similar as shown on the show. How do I find out more about what eqipmnt or programmes are available for him please?
    Kind regards

    • David Martin says:

      Please contact your local Remap group and we will try to help you. Please visit the contact page on our website and enter your friend’s postcode to find details of groups in your area.

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