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Laura and her baby out together!

Posted 9 August 2017 in Stories

MS wheelchair

Laura and baby carry

MS wheelchair baby

Laura with baby Nancy

New mum Laura uses a wheelchair because she has multiple sclerosis, but wanted to go outdoors with her new baby. Peter Bettridge, a volunteer with Remap Worcestershire, has made this possible by making a frame to attach baby Nancy’s car seat to Laura’s wheelchair. Now mum and baby can get enjoy life outside together.

10 responses to “Laura and her baby out together!”

  1. Zayn says:

    That is a fantastic modification!

    My wife has MS and uses a powered wheelchair and in looking for something similar so she can take our 3yr old son who has Down Syndrome out in on her own.

    If anyone can put me in touch with someone who could help I’d be very grateful.


  2. Jade Parkin says:

    I am writing to you to ask for your help –
    I am currently a Student Midwife and as part of my course, I have to complete 100 hours of work towards an area of interest, which I feel would benefit my practice. My long term career goal (once qualified) is to work with mothers who have physical disabilities, to support them to have water births/ home births and to be able to sign post them in the right directions for adapted aids etc to help them in the early postnatal period. I am so so passionate about this, especially after conducting my ‘dead end’ research.’
    I can see you have supported mothers to adapt item’s for them – I would love to hear more about this.
    **And to any mothers who have physical disabilities – I would love to hear about your pregnancy story along with the support and choices you were offered!!! **
    **Please Please contact REMAP and ask to be put in contact with me if they can do this???**
    I would be so so grateful for your valid input on this. I have conducted so much research and there appears to be a huge gap for women with physical disabilities. I aim to compile a portfolio of work, evidencing the lack of choice and support available for those women who have physical disabilities, in order to highlight this and work towards achieving better care for these women. Many Thanks for your time
    Jade Parkin

    • Catriona Cubley says:

      Hi I’m a newish disabled mum and I’ll be contacting remap to enquire about help as well. I have a semi paralysed right leg and swelling/arthritic type pain in both legs due to being hit by a car and left disabled in 2008. I walk with crutches and wear a leg brace outside for shopping etc and I feel when looking for baby products there wasn’t much obvious help in shops for those with disabilities and it would be great to try to change this – up for a new challenge as recently stopped my own clothing business to focus on new mum work instead!

    • CC says:

      Hi it is interesting that you’re looking into this Matter.
      I am a disabled mum who recently had a baby I found the whole experience very daunting as there does not seem to be much out there in terms of support and equipment for disabled mums, in the early stages Of pregnancy and motherhood. I found some midwives to be very negative about the fact that I was pregnant and having a baby, rather than saying how can we help some healthcare professionals just listed things that they thought I would not be able to do with my disability this of course affected my confidence but I ignored the negativity and just got on with it and proved them wrong. There is definitely a gap in the market.

  3. Aisha Mir says:

    Hi my name is Aisha and I am 3 months pregnant I don’t have no support from my so called partner or my own family and I am really happy and terrified at the same time, as this is my first child I’m having being disabled myself I have mobility issues. I have 2 children from before but I was fit and healthy then. I don’t seem to get any support from the midwifes, doctors or council and just feel so alone and I don’t know anyone in the same boat as me as I’m the only one who is expecting. Seeing Laura with her baby has gave a bit of confident which I will need to know more about. Can you please give me some help to prepare for my little one as I want to show others like my family/community that I am not being selfish and it is possible for me to have this baby and to bring this child up as I will not give up but I could do with a lot of information and practical help that I will need to make this possible I would love to see what is available. I would love to see what other things you have made for disabled mothers, anything from small to big items will help a lot please.
    Thank You

    • David Martin says:

      I’m sure we can help you Aisha, both we and other organisations offer help to disabled mums. Please contact us directly by email data@remap.org.uk or on 01732 760209 and we’ll put you in touch with someone that can help. David

  4. Mayyah says:

    Hi i would like some help can anyone advise. I have not been out with my children I feel like I’m missing out on their milestones. My partner takes them out in a pram when he is around. But i feel so helpless i want to be independant and take my children out
    Its so dissapointing that there is not much advertising or products that are considerate of the disabled community.I have a spinal condition and a hip problem I am in an electric wheelchair and would like to know if there is any attachment or invention where I can have my kids with me when I go out.

    • smorrison says:

      Hi Mayyah,

      We can certainly have a look and see if there’s anything we can do to help. Please contact us with your details and we’ll put you in touch with a local volunteer.


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