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We are still here and able to provide custom-made equipment free of charge.


Posted 9 February 2017 in Stories

Archery stool

Hannah is a keen archer but has problems with balance and fatigue – she cannot stand for very long, and suffers vertigo when shooting. She therefore needed a stable archery stool and it had to be both strong and lightweight. Hannah does not drive so it was important that the stool could be dismantled and packed into a rucksack.

The stool dismantled






Michael Goom, a volunteer with Remap Bristol, based his solution on a single legged perching stool and added three more legs for stability. He made a special collar to attach the additional legs to the stool using a 3D printer.

3D printed components






The choice of materials and manufacture has produced a very lightweight stool that Hannah was then able to use in competitive archery.

Hannah takes aim

2 responses to “Bull’s-eye!”

  1. Terry Piper says:

    I have been looking for a seat just like this. I noticed David Philips a GB disabled team member used what looked like a custom seat.

    Is this seat available to purchase as I am a archer too who suffers from weak legs having broken my back?

    • smorrison says:

      Hi Terry,

      All our equipment is specially made at no cost to you. If you get in touch with your local group, I’m sure they’ll be happy to see what they can do.

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