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Recreating the outdoor experience

Posted 3 March 2017 in News

Tractor simulator

Dan drivies the tractor simulator

Remap is proud to be supporting the Countrymen’s Club – a service for men with long-term conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s and depression.

Men who have worked outside all their lives miss the sensory stimulation of being in the countryside, so the “Seasons in a Box” project aims to bring the sights, sounds, smells and activities of the great outdoors to those who can no longer go outside to enjoy the real thing.

tractor simulator dementia

Julie explains the tractor simulator

The project was conceived by Julie Plumley of Future Roots, the organisation behind the Countrymen’s Club. She asked Remap for help in making tactile simulations of experiences such as the feel of snow, rain and the warmth of sunshine, driving a tractor and other farming activities. Retired farmer Dan Hodgson demonstrated some of these on Tuesday 28 February when the items were handed over. For this project Remap had input from apprentices at both Jaguar Land Rover and British Gas – both companies being keen supporters of Remap.

Remap’s local group in this area is the Dorchester Panel, chaired by Mike Cowley. It has around twelve active volunteers and Mike is always keen to hear from potential new recruits. If you are good at making things and have a workshop or tools you can contact Mike at remapdorchester@gmail.com or ring him on 01305 267860.

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