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Dementia care given a jigsaw boost

Posted 16 March 2017 in Stories

Dementia jigsaw

Completing the puzzle

Remap Doncaster has designed and made special jigsaws to help improve the care of Dementia patients staying on the Mallard Ward of Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Shop-bought jigsaws are not suitable for hospital use, so the local branch of Remap took on the challenge of producing bespoke items. The specially crafted jigsaws are made from a wipe clean material which complies with the hospital’s infection control measures and will not break, snap or bend. They have been made in six sizes varying in difficulty from 6 to 24 pieces and are all based around the theme of ‘memories from days gone by.’

Dementia jigsaw

Another jigsaw

Gemma Betts, Activities Coordinator on the Mallard Ward, said: “We can’t thank Remap enough for this generous donation. These aren’t just jigsaws they are conversation starters. The pictures on the front of them depict a time that the patients can remember and then the activity becomes about remembering and discussing that time, not just about completing a jigsaw. They’re going to be a great mental wellbeing aid for our patients on the ward.”

A further development being explored is the potential to create bespoke jigsaws for individuals based on personal photographs, such as family groups. Again, the real value of these is that they can unlock memories and start conversations that promote mental wellbeing.

For more see Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals website

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