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Play it again Sam!

Posted 21 April 2017 in Stories

Boy with games

Sam loads a new game

Sam loves his games and the TV like any 12 year old, but finds it difficult to control his actions when he’s feeling angry- he has autism which causes this problem. He has a habit of taking out his temper on his TV, PC monitor, speakers or the sound system and has broken three since Christmas. After he has broken something he is distraught, and is likely to take his anger out on his parents, or his younger sister. Sam and his family needed a solution which was provided by Brian Waters, a volunteer with Remap Great Yarmouth.

Brian has enclosed the monitors, TV and speakers in a bespoke cupboard, with a shatterproof plastic screen. Understanding that the equipment is now safely enclosed has helped Sam moderate his behaviour, and seems to remove the temptation to damage it.


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