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Saddle support for horse riding

Posted 28 June 2017 in Awards

Chloe is only four years old but already loves horse riding and wants to ride alongside her big sister. However Chloe has cerebral palsy and cannot walk. She needs to improve her core strength if she is to ever walk and horse riding is a good way of achieving this, but she needs somebody to walk with her supporting her while she rides.

This is where Remap volunteer Stephen Boulter stepped in. He was asked by Chloe’s mum if Remap Coventry & Warwickshire could help, so came to see Chloe. His brief was to devise a piece of equipment that would enable Chloe to ride unassisted, providing safe and effective support whilst promoting the use of her core muscles. It had to enable Chloe to be released quickly and easily and needed to be durable, weatherproof, easily cleaned and lightweight.

Most Remap volunteers love a challenge and Stephen is no exception – he designed and made a special saddle support for Chloe that keeps her safe and in control of the horse yet promotes the use of her core muscles. Chloe is now able to ride a horse by herself and just loves it (as you can tell from her picture!) alongside her sister and even enter competitions.

See Chloe ride here

4 responses to “Saddle support for horse riding”

  1. Francys Elena Guerra Marcano says:

    Soy la madre de un bebé de 3 años de edad con retraso global del desarrollo psicomotor (palsy cerebral) y para su rehabilitación con equinos necesita un soporte parecido al que utiliza Chloé, debido a que presenta hipotonía de toda su columna, no ha logrado el tono muscular del área axial.
    Agradecería me puedan informar donde conseguir o adquirir un soporte parecido que permita a Guido Francesco continuar con la rehabilitación y poder lograr progreso.
    Muchas gracias por su atención.

  2. Ami Price-Draper says:

    I am wondering where it might be possible to purchase one of these pieces of equipment? My 7 year old loves riding, but has not been able to due to her lack of core strength. We would so love something supportive like this to help her get back into riding.

    • smorrison says:

      Hi Ami,

      The best thing to do is get in touch with your local Remap group, who will be able to make another one free of charge. Please give us a ring on 01732 760209 or email data@remap.org.uk and we’ll put you in touch.


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