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A Christmas tree with a difference

Posted 5 December 2017 in News

Staff gather round the tree

There’s an interesting Christmas tree in the Fracture and Orthopaedics department of Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth this year.

To help highlight the impact of osteoporosis, the fracture clinic commissioned Remap South Hampshire to make a Christmas tree from used crutches. This slightly unusual request posed no problem for Remap whose volunteers usually make bespoke items of equipment for disabled people. Mostly engineers and technicians, Remap’s volunteers love a challenge and will make anything that helps people achieve independence and a better quality of life. All the equipment they make is provided free of charge and the charity fills an important gap when people cannot find any suitable equipment commercially.

The bespoke Christmas tree highlights that fractures in people aged over 50 could be associated with osteoporosis. The hospital’s Fracture Liaison Service assesses the bone health of people over 50 when they’ve had a fracture to check if they are osteoporosis-related. The crutches usually get sent off for scrap metal after a single use, but Remap volunteers find them useful for making all sorts of things. But making a Christmas tree is a first!

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