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The games continue…

Posted 25 April 2018 in Stories

George, Harry and Fred each have a fiercely competitive streak and enjoy nothing more of an afternoon than a good game of dominoes. However, as the birthdays kept coming and their ages increased, they began to find the tiles increasingly difficult to pick up and hold. Luckily, one of our volunteers from Remap York has a talent for woodwork. He designed and made some special tile rests which make the dominoes easier to pick up and stack. They also display the tiles to the player so they don’t have to try and remember what’s in their hand.

The friends are delighted with their new stands and their afternoon games can continue as ferociously as ever!

2 responses to “The games continue…”

  1. sandy swanston says:

    Just found your website! Big huge thank you from Nutfield House to our local Filton Bristol group for the wonderful wooden planters they made for us , we can now plant flowers at the entrance to our home which has made a huge to difference to everyone residents and visitors alike! I cannot thank you enough! Sandyx

  2. David Martin says:

    Good to hear from you Nutfield House! Thank you.

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