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A treadmill for Charlotte

Posted 30 May 2018 in Stories

a child stands on a treadmill

a child stands on a treadmillAfter a specialist operation, Charlotte needs to do lots of exercise to strengthen her legs. The best way for her to do this is on a treadmill, but all treadmills are designed for adults so the handles are too high for Charlotte to reach. Enter Geoffrey from Remap Kent West! He made some special red handles for Charlotte, and attached them lower down where she can reach them.

Now Charlotte can walk safely for miles and miles! Charlotte’s grandma, Jeanne, says, “Words will never be enough to thank you and of course Geoffrey for what you have done for our granddaughter. The handles are fantastic and Geoffrey was the kindest, most respectful person. Charlotte says a big thank you too. This will help her tremendously!”

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