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Range Rover Helping Handle

Posted 27 June 2018 in Awards

A man uses a metal handle to climb into the driving seat of a four by four

This gadget was devised for Bob Crump, a paraplegic who enjoys off-road driving. He has a hand-controlled Range Rover but was experiencing great difficulty in moving from his wheelchair to the car unassisted, due to declining upper body strength.

Two smiling men holding a rolled up scroll

David receives his award

Remap volunteer David Tappin solved the challenge by making a simple lightweight frame which clips onto the vehicle’s door hinges to provide a stable handle. This enables Bob to use both hands and arms to lift himself from his wheelchair to the driving seat.

Bob took the time to thank Remap afterwards:

“The handle David Tappin made allowed me to not only continue my off-road driving but also enabled me to get out much more for general day to day activities, which I had started to avoid, therefore improving my quality of life. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Remap and especially Mr Tappin who generously gave so much of his time and expertise”.

One response to “Range Rover Helping Handle”

  1. diane hughes says:

    hi, we are trying to source a similar wheelchair lift handle assist. we have the fold down seat to ease access in and out of the car from the wheelchair, but just need a ‘helping hand’ in the form of some type of metal rail fromthe door intowards the car to lean on to assist getting out back into the wheelchair?

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