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Remap supports new Big Life Fix projects

Posted 21 August 2018 in News

BBC2, Plank PR, Hackney, Inventors, Big life fix

Inventing the Impossible – The Big Life Fix is a four-part transformational series for BBC Two, following a group of the UK’s leading designers, engineers, programmers and tech experts as they face the challenge of coming up with innovative interventions and ingenious new solutions to everyday problems.

Voiced by Simon Reeve, this series is a celebration of British ingenuity, design and skill – and its power to affect huge change on the lives of people in need.

Remap, the national charity that helps disabled people achieve greater independence by designing and making equipment for their individual needs, is working with The Big Life Fix team to give on-going support to the inventions.

The series features solutions for 12 different sets of people, from a man who dreams of snowboarding again after an avalanche left him with brain damage to a family who are unable to ever sleep at night because of their child’s severe epileptic fits.

All of the inventions in the series are unique to the contributors and are prototypes.

Remap is well placed  to offer on-going practical assistance to help fix any issues that may develop with the prototypes and to provide any other equipment that may be needed. The charity has over 70 local groups of skilled volunteers around the country.

Remap specialises in creating tailor-made equipment to help disabled people to carry out essential daily tasks without having to ask for help, or helps them take part in leisure occupations or sports that would otherwise be impossible. The charity provides over 3,000 fixes each year from simple, ingenious solutions to technically advanced inventions.

Inventing the Impossible – The Big Life Fix starts on BBC Two on Thursday 26th July at 20:00,

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