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Remap launches MakeAbility

Posted 11 December 2018 in News

MakeAbility logo

MakeAbility is a new online community for practical, innovative people who want to use their skills to make the world more a more accessible place.

Launched on 11/12/18, the website https://www.makeability.org.uk/ has been developed by Remap, a unique national charity that supports disabled people. Its network of volunteer engineers, technicians and makers enjoy designing and making equipment for disabled people, transforming lives as they go. Now even more people can get involved through the new site MakeAbility.

There’s a lot of equipment commercially available for disabled people, but being mass produced it often isn’t ideally suited to the particular needs of individuals. And some people find there is simply nothing that’s right for them. Remap designs and custom-makes items of equipment after talking to individuals to understand their needs. Everything is provided free of charge with the aim of helping people to achieve greater independence and quality of life, filling the gap where no suitable equipment is available commercially.

Remap’s website currently showcases a few of the thousands of projects completed each year. Now comes MakeAbility, a new online community where anyone with an interest in this work can share their knowledge, skills and inventions with the community so that everyone can learn from each other.

Users can upload projects, ask for ideas and suggestions, share their successes and failures. Its searchable database enables anyone to find inspiration or solutions that might suit them or a person they know.

Remap’s Chief Executive David Martin said:

“We want MakeAbility to become a vibrant home for practical, innovative people who are interested in using their skills to make the world more accessible to disabled people. The site draws on our experience over the last 50 years and leads us into new ways of building communities for good”

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