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Access Your Life

Posted 29 April 2019 in News

Lauren and Felix both live with complex disabilities, meaning together they face a multitude of challenges on a daily basis. Some of which they assumed they shared with other people living with a disability, regardless of whether they had a different condition.

Throughout his PhD, Felix had the opportunity and privilege to work with patients living with various physical disabilities, their carers and their medical professionals. It was during this experience that Lauren and Felix realised the struggles they faced on a daily basis were universal. If you need anything, whether it is a piece of equipment; an appointment with a consultant or a medical investigation you have to FIGHT for it. You have to become your own expert and spend hours collating information that surrounds your condition. This is where Lauren and Felix want to help you.

They have created a company called Access Your Life, providing you with a safe space where you can communicate with others, share knowledge and advice. They would like you to review any medical aids, adaptations and supports you have used regardless of whether it was a positive or negative experience. All of which, will help prevent others from having to make a life altering decision based on a sales pitch from a supplier or vast amounts of unrelated online sources. With the directory of reviews created, they want people living with a disability and their carers to form a realistic opinion on how well a device meets their individual needs. They have learnt first-hand how the right piece of equipment can transform someone’s life, which is why they are passionate about ensuring everyone has the opportunity to improve their quality of life, whether you are a patient, carer or a family member/friend supporting someone with their medical condition or disability.

Access Your Life is making a start with wheelchairs and scooters, as they are one of the biggest needs. Then as they grow, they hope to expand their website to incorporate all forms of equipment, meaning users will soon be able to review other medical products. They have also just launched a trusted rehoming scheme, ensuring any item up for sale meets the needs of the buyer. Lauren and Felix will also support you throughout the whole process for a small fee.

Kate says that Access Your Life is “a fantastic company ran by two very passionate people who want to make a difference. When I needed to buy a wheelchair I wish there was a site like this and I can’t wait to see what other things Access Your Life will have to offer in the future!”

2 responses to “Access Your Life”

  1. Elaine Dunnigan says:

    Please help
    My mum is 86 and just under 4ft she is now unable to climb on to her mobility scooter,
    Is there anything out there that can help her get onto the seat without her having to climb on to the platform which shes unable to do anymore..
    its difficult even when we turn the seat around, she just hasnt got the height to get on herself we have to find someone who can lift her which isnt always available plus hurts her so she becomes house bound. Also does anyone know of anyone who can attach something onto the tiller to make it longer fir my mum to reach?
    As you can appreciate being so tiny she has to sit on the edge of the seat to reach the controls, it would be a dream come true if she could sit right back and be comfortable and reach
    My mum has Achondroplasia which makes her very short,I’ve searched high and low for a mobility scooter suitable fir a shirt person to no avail, they all have the same problem, the seat cant go any lower because of where the batteries are.
    I know i’m asking for a miracle folks,🙏🏻
    Any advice or help in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

    • smorrison says:

      Hi Elaine,

      It’s certainly something we can have a look at, yes. Please call the office on 01732 760209 or send an email to data@remap.org.uk. We’ll link you up with one of our volunteer engineers and see what they can come up with.


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