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Remap give Geoff a lift

Posted 10 May 2019 in Stories

Geoff sits on his mobility scooter next to his new lift

Geoff is a keen gardener who spends much of his time tending to his beloved plants. He shares his love of the outdoors with his many pet birds, who live in the aviary beside his house. On sunny days, he can usually be found sat outside on the grass, enjoying the company of his plants and animals.

As time went by, Geoff was finding it increasingly hard to get back onto his mobility scooter from his sunny spot in the garden. He didn’t want to give up his hobby, so he contacted Remap for help.

Volunteers from our Essex Central branch paid Geoff a visit to see what they could do. Straight away, they saw that a mini lift would be able to help him up from the floor and back onto his scooter. They set about building it immediately, and they were soon able to deliver the finished item to Geoff at his home.

Geoff is delighted with his finished lift and looks forward to enjoying his garden for many years to come. Thanks Remap Essex Central!

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