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Steps for Sebby

Posted 28 May 2019 in Stories

A small, grinning boy stands on a set of white steps next to a microwaveSebby is two, and has a rare condition called achondroplasia — a type of dwarfism. He loves helping mum in the kitchen but he has difficulty reaching up to the counter because he has short arms and legs.

Some of our volunteers from Remap Berkshire came to the rescue! They designed and custom-made a special set of steps which he can safely use around the house.

Sebby’s mum, Steph, said, “Sebby loves getting involved with cooking our tea or helping with the washing up, but until now has relied on being picked up. The steps Remap made for him are portable enough to be pushed around the house and have very shallow steps so he can climb them without difficulty.

“The steps also have a slot in gate on the top so he can use them safely. He uses them to reach into the kitchen sink, press the buttons on the microwave, or to wash his hands in the bathroom basin.”

His older brother, Leo, is delighted too because Sebby can now join in with kitchen tasks at the same height as him.

“The steps have provided him with a bit of independence,” said Steph. “The whole family is so pleased.”

A longer version of this article appeared in Newbury Weekly News on 16th May.

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