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Volunteer – Geoff

After I retired I was missing being at work but then I came across a Remap advert in the Model Engineer magazine. My hobby had always been model engineering and I had a workshop with metal working tools and had made some model steam engines as model engineers do.

I contacted Remap and went along to their next meeting. I was soon involved and went to meet Junior, my first client.  He was a lad who attended a special needs school and was deaf, had learning difficulties and was unable to stand unsupported.  He spent all his time at school sat on a low stool .  His teachers said he was very uncommunicative, but they thought it might help him if he could stand and wondered if I could make a ladder type frame so that he could support himself.

I had to guess his height and built a standing frame and took it to the school.  The teachers put it in front of Junior and helped him up so that he was standing.  Then he looked at me for the first time and made the sign language sign for “Thank you”