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We are still here and able to provide custom-made equipment free of charge.

John’s new workbench

Posted 12 November 2019 in Stories

John smiling behind his motorbike

In his spare time, John enjoys tinkering on his motorbike. Every weekend, he spends hours in his shed, working on his pride and joy.

Although he’s an expert, John wasn’t able to work on his bike independently. As a powerchair user, he wasn’t able to reach down low enough to access the bike’s engine. It is possible to buy height adjustable workbenches that would be able to lift a motorbike. These aren’t accessible for John, though, because his powerchair doesn’t fit underneath.

Could Remap find a way to pick up John’s motorbike from the floor to allow him to maintain it on his own?

Remap volunteer, Nigel, visited John at his home. With the help of a local fabrication company, he was able to custom make a wheelchair accessible work bench. It fits in John’s shed and is strong enough to lift his motorbike. It is fastened to the floor for stability, and the controls for the hydraulics are attached to the wall.

John is delighted with his new workbench and wasted no time in getting straight to work on his bike.

John working on his bike with his workbench

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