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A new walker for Nan

Posted 19 November 2019 in Stories

Nan stands smiling between her physio and her OT

Nan Hicks has been supported by a team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists for about five years. But earlier this year the team noticed that, mainly because of the arthritis in her hands and wrists, the walker that she was using couldn’t support her as she needed it to.

Jo Hubbold, occupational therapist and her physiotherapist colleague, Sophie Noon contacted their local Remap branch to see if they could help

Jo explained: “There wasn’t anything available ‘off the shelf’ that would have worked so we approached Remap to see if they could help Nan. They put me in touch with the Remap volunteer in west Cumbria, Richard Wilmot, who made Nan’s standard four wheeled walker into a bespoke more supportive walker.  I am so impressed with the charity’s response and am looking forward to working with them again in the future. With this new walker Nan is now able to mobilise longer distances with less pain. It obviously doesn’t get rid of her arthritis or all of her pain, but it does make things a lot better for her.”

Sophie added: “Nan is now able to mobilise independently within the home and the new walker has largely decreased the pain she has when walking. It has been really successful.”

On receiving her new walker, Nan said: “It is wonderful. I can’t believe it. I am so grateful for the charity’s fast response. I now feel much more confident around my house and I have a new lease of life.”

Would custom-made equipment help you feel more confident at home? Contact us!


Thanks to North Cumbria Integrated Care for sharing their story with us.

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