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I can jump waves on holiday

Posted 10 March 2020 in Stories

Thomas on the beach wearing a wetsuit, holding his red walker and grinning at the camera

With the good old British weather living up to its reputation recently, here’s a sunny story to brighten our spirits.

Five year old Thomas and his family sent us this video of their very first beach holiday all together. Thomas uses a K walker to get around. These are usually fitted with small, narrow wheels which are not designed for sand and salt water. Instead, the little wheels would sink into the sand and leave Thomas stranded.

Remap custom made and fitted these off-road wheels to Thomas’ K walker. Now he can keep up with his brother for the first time! We love this video of the pair of them jumping the waves together.

Would custom made equipment help you to enjoy your holiday? Contact us!


One response to “I can jump waves on holiday”

  1. Sildona Guci says:

    Dear Remap people,

    I find your Walker a wonderful idea and invention. I, being the mother of a son with cerebral palsy, recognise how happy this would make my 6 years old boy, giving that freedom in the beach, he never hat, and enjoying the lovely sea as any of us. He was upset, and did I, when he wanted to enjoy the waves of the sea, and seeing the fish in there, unfortunately without such an equipment.
    My direct question to you: how and where can I find something similiar for my son? I live in Germany and maybe you have some sister companies here. Otherwise, I would ask if it is possible to have this equipment shipped in Germany.
    I would highly appreciate your answer.
    Best regards,
    Sildona Guci, the mother of Aron Guci

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