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Jessie rocks!

Posted 25 June 2020 in Stories

wheelchair converted into rocking chair

Jessie spends a lot of time in her wheelchair and loves to experience motion so mum Jane contacted Remap to see if a rocking device could be invented for her. Remap is a charity that helps disabled people of all ages to live more independent lives by designing and making customised equipment free of charge.

Remap volunteer Peter Titterton was given the job and started sketching plans in his workshop. He soon came up with a device that converts Jessie’s wheelchair into a rocking chair. Once in place on the rockers, the wheelchair is secured by retaining pins and Jessie can be gently rocked back and forth.wheelchair locked in place on rocking device

Peter took his invention to their home for a trial with Jessie before making the final adjustments and painting it. The rocker worked perfectly and Jessie was so excited by being rocked it was difficult to prise it away to finish and paint!

While he was there, Peter noticed a strong swing frame in the garden. Jessie used to get a lot of pleasure from swinging on this but carers can no longer help her use it. Peter is working on a future project now, to hang the rocker on the swinging frame for outdoor use.

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