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Hands up Lucie!

Posted 5 August 2020 in Stories

Lucie and her new gadget - a pink light on her wheelchair headrest

Lucie always has ideas to share in the classroom, but she isn’t able to put her hand up like other children. To join in the discussion independently, she needs a way to let her teacher know she wants to talk without disturbing the rest of the class.

Remap London South took up the challenge and sent their volunteer Peter along. He worked with Lucie and her teacher to design a gadget that would help.

Together, they realised that the finished gadget would have to work silently, so as not to distract the children around her. It needed to be robust, lightweight and with minimal moving parts so that it would survive the rough and tumble of classroom life. And of course, it needed to be able to grab her teacher’s attention.

After lots of testing, Peter came up with this clever light which attaches to the headrest of Lucie’s wheelchair with velcro. When she wants to share her thoughts with the class, Lucie turns it on using the 3d printed headswitch. Her teacher sees the light come on, and invites Lucie to talk when it’s her turn.

Lucie is delighted with her new gadget. It’s even her favourite colour. Let’s see her in action!

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