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Bowling wheelchair

Posted 18 June 2015 in Stories

John has leg and back problems that started when he was a child, and he can now walk only a short distance with arm crutches. He loves playing indoor bowls using a bowling wheelchair, but had to rely on other players to move him around.

Volunteer Brian Pile of Remap Bournemouth motorised one of the bowling wheelchairs for him, using spares from an old electric wheelchair.

John can now whizz around the green and says, ‘The buggy’s performance on the green is superb. I cannot thank you enough. I shall now be able to play for more years than I dared hope.’

7 responses to “Bowling wheelchair”

  1. Brenda Milburn says:

    I have started a Prime Time group for disabled people supported by our local District Council. We play Boccia, everyone is seated during play. We need a device to retrieve the balls once they have been played. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou

  2. cat says:

    did you manage a solution for picking up boccia balls.

    • David Martin says:

      We have lots of possible solutions to that! As usual, we make each person their own piece of equipment that works for them, so please ask your local group.

  3. We are working with REMAP in Hertfordshire to produce a commercially available powered bowling wheelchair. Launch ETA May 2019. Please email jerry@bushhillbowls.co.uk if you would like to receive information in due course.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Can motors be added to bowls wheel chairs.

    • smorrison says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      It’s certainly something we can have a look at, yes. Please call the office on 01732 760209 or send an email to data@remap.org.uk. We’ll link you up with one of our volunteer engineers and see what they can come up with.


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