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We are still here and able to provide custom-made equipment free of charge.

Special tricycle for a little boy

Posted 14 December 2016 in Stories

Eoin really enjoys playing with his young friends but could not join them when they played on their tricycles, as no commercial trike is small enough for Eoin to manage – he has ultra-dwarfism. Charles Dobbin, a volunteer with Remap Gloucestershire stepped in and made him a tricycle from scratch adding the smallest suitable wheels. Eoin took to his new trike immediately.

His mother says, ‘He loves it so much he even tries to take it to bed with him.’

At four, Eoin is just starting to outgrow it, so Charles is increasing the size of the wheels to give it extra height. Charles loves doing jobs for Eoin and says, ‘No voluntary work for Remap could be more rewarding than helping than this delightful little boy!’

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