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Seth tests his new beach walker!

Posted 20 April 2021 in Stories

Seth wanted to be able to walk and play with his family along the seafront. Seth has Spina-Bifida and requires a frame to support him when walking. His regular house-walker was not suitable for this as the wheels would always get stuck in the sand.

John, a volunteer at the Grampian group in Scotland, had just the solution for Seth. With the help of a local occupational therapist at Aberdeen City Hospital, John turned the frame into a secure walker featuring much larger wheels that would allow Seth to roam freely on the beach without getting stuck.

How amazing is it to see Seth enjoying the waves – there is no stopping him now!

2 responses to “Seth tests his new beach walker!”

  1. We are a group of volunteers under the Belhelvie Community Trust. We run a volunteer group providing beach friendly wheelchairs. We have a few items now and realise we are only limited by what is available to buy.
    In our three years we have seen children grow and become aware of a change in sizes that the chairs do not accommodate for.
    I have been searching for something that doesn’t seem to be available. I would love to discuss the possibilities with someone.

    • J Bawden says:

      Hi Fiona,
      We may certainly be able to support you. Would you like to submit a referral using our online referral form which you can find here: https://www.remap.org.uk/referral-form/.

      We will then connect you with our nearest Remap Branch who may be able to custom-make the ideal piece of equipment.

      Thank you.

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