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Remap awards 2015

Posted 13 July 2015 in News

Remap president Heinz Wolff gave the prizes at this year’s awards for life changing projects made by talented volunteers.  Awards were given for simple yet ingenious devices like the tissue ball invented by Allen Norris to help someone with motor neurone disease pick up a tissue, through to a wheelchair camera mount made by Austin Hughes that has transformed the life of a photographer in Yorkshire.  Ena’s world was transformed by a prosthetic shoulder created by Remap volunteer Alan Hart, giving her the confidence to get out and about again, following drastic surgery.

Children were helped too – Evie’s bed designed by Alan Catherine provides safety and security at night, a bespoke computer gaming station made by Martin Harman got one lad “back to thrashing those able-bodied kids” in the online games, while specially mounted archery bows by Derek Matthews got some children firing arrows at last. Elsewhere in the sporting world, Peter Vielvoye developed a throwing seat for seated athletes.

Giving the awards, Heinz Wolff commented “At Remap we find creative ideas come to life in the form of practical aids to daily living, made by resourceful and skilled volunteers. These inventions totally transform the lives of thousands of people every year.”

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