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Archery system

Posted 13 July 2015 in Awards

Members of a sports club for disabled young people wanted to try archery, but with limited upper body strength and coordination this seemed a distant dream.

Remap volunteer Derek Matthews took on the challenge and mounted archery bows on stands to enable seated players to take aim.  Releasing the trigger is achieved by hitting a foot switch (don’t worry, there are some clever safety features!)

Club members now enjoy their archery sessions as full participants, not onlookers.

2 responses to “Archery system”

  1. Jaime Smith says:

    Would it be possible to get the plans/designs for this to have a look at? I’m wondering if something similar would help me with my archery as my hands fail.

  2. David Martin says:

    This was made by our Cambridge group, so I suggest you get in touch with them to ask for further details. Contact John Wills on 01954 780551 or Pippa Cousins on 01223 570860

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