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Tissue ball

Posted 15 July 2015 in Awards

Wiping your own nose with a tissue may seem a commonplace activity and not one to get excited about, but Bernard was overjoyed when he was once again able to carry out that simple act.  His motor neurone disease had progressed to the stage that he was unable to grip a tissue and raise it to his face.

Remap volunteer Allen Norris enjoys challenges like that!  His elegant solution was made by cutting jaws into a toy ball, as he had noticed that Bernard could move his two outer fingers just enough to gently grip a ball.  This provided the answer to the challenge.  Allen is shown in the photo with his unique invention.

Ball 2 (1280x854) Ball 5 (1280x854) Ball 7 (1280x854)

2 responses to “Tissue ball”

  1. Lesley-Anne says:

    Where or how can I purchase one of these for my husband who has atax

    • David Martin says:

      Everything we make is free Lesley-Anne. Contact your local group for help – visit the contact page to find your local group

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