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We are still here and able to provide custom-made equipment free of charge.

xbox controller

Posted 3 February 2016 in Stories

Matt becomes very engrossed in his xbox games and tends to use his left hand to control all the buttons as he has cerebral palsy and finds the fingers of his right hand harder to use. Matt’s physiotherapist wanted a barrier down the middle of the controller to stop him ‘cheating’ and make sure that his right hand was getting exercise as well as his left.

A volunteer at Remap Essex North made a plastic ‘wall’ on the controller to achieve this.

2 responses to “xbox controller”

  1. Kathryn Ward says:

    Wow, so pleased to find out about you, I heard Andrew from Central Norfolk speaking on Wymondham and Attleborough’s talking newspaper. I am going to recommend that the charity I volunteer for helps by giving some funding. What a great organisation. Keep up the good work!


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