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About us


Remap is a charity that helps disabled people of all ages to live more independent lives. Our network of skilled volunteers design and custom-make equipment free of charge.

We help to improve quality of life and increase independence for disabled people of all ages, providing solutions to everyday problems when there is nothing commercially available.

We design and custom-make equipment for each individual because everyone’s needs are different.

Our network of skilled volunteers respond to thousands of requests for our help every year and we provide our service free of charge.


Find out more

For over 50 years Remap has been helping disabled people to live more independent lives.You can read more about our story on the history page.

We have over 900 skilled volunteers at work across the country. Would you like to join them? Read more about what they do on the volunteering page.

We also have a small team of people in our central office. You can read more about the team on the our people page.

As a registered charity, we also have a group of trustees who oversee all that we do. They are volunteers too and you can read more about them on the trustees page.

Find links to our annual reports and the way in which our charity operates on the governance page.