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Our history

DSC01311Remap was formed in 1964 by Pat Johnson an ICI employee. Pat’s sister had had polio as a child and this presented her with physical problems in managing day-to-day life.

Pat’s sister used a wheelchair but had upper body movement. As a widow she relied on her children and neighbours for help with day to day living. She even needed help getting her wheelchair down the steps to go to the shops. Having acquired some scrap timber Pat built a wooden ramp to his sister’s front door and also installed an electric hoist, with a runway above the ceiling in the hall and bathroom of her bungalow.

His sister was overjoyed with the ramp and hoist and they immediately gave her a level of independence she has never enjoyed before. Pat was so impressed with the huge change this relatively simple solution made to his sister’s life that resolved to bring similar changes to other people’s lives.

The changes he made to his sister’s house led to the concept of forming Remap and soon other ICI engineers became involved and helped to develop the idea further.

Remap grew steadily to where it is today, covering the whole of the UK, helping over 3,500 people every year to become more independent.

A lot has changed over the last 50 years or so, but our creativity and inventiveness remain at the core of what we do.


  • 1964 GPB (Pat) Johnson sets up a group of volunteer engineers mainly from ICI on Teesside. Called Basic Movement Advisory Panels(BMAP). Pat recognized the need for aids for the disabled after making several for his sister who had polio
  • 1968 BMAP taken under the wing of the British Council for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (BCRD).
  • Geoffrey Gilbertson joined by Ken Powell. Norman Brearley appointed as National Organiser with Barbara Gledhill as National Secretary to develop a network of groups. BMAP becomesREMAP (Rehabilitation Engineering Movement Advisory Panels)
  • 1972 Regional Organisers appointed to oversee local groups and develop more
  • 1974 16 groups
  • 1977 BCRD merges with Central Council for the Disabled to become the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR)
  • REMAP has 7 Regional Organisers and 58 panels
  • 197867 panels
  • 197979 panels. Martin Marshall becomes National Organiser
  • 1980Sir Geoffrey Gilbertson retires. Stanley Lyon (ex-deputy chairman of ICI) becomes Chairman
  • 1982 First yearbook published. 87 panels
  • 1984 Martin Marshall retires as National Organiser, takes on editorship of yearbook.
  • 1985 Mrs Valerie White National Organiser
  • 1987 First Remap Award won by Berkshire.
  • 1988 Neil McLennan Chairman
  • 1990 REMAP breaks from RADAR and becomes two independent organizations, REMAP-GB and REMAP Scotland.29/10/90 REMAP-GB registered as separate charity, REMAP Scotland becomes independent in 1990
  • 1991 John Wright National Organiser
  • 1992 First BBC Lifeline appeal raises over £23,000.
  • 1995 Professor Heinz Wolff becomes a Vice-President having been connected with REMAP for 8 years. Professor Bill Inman becomes a Vice-President
  • 1996 BBC Week’s Good Cause raises £17,000
  • 1997 Belfast panel is the first Northern Irish panel. REMAP-GB becomes Remap
  • 1999 BBC Lifeline appeal raises £26,000
  • 2002 Mary-Ann Mitchell National Organiser.
  • 2004 Remap celebrates 40 years having helped 80,000 people. BBC Lifeline appeal raises £17,000
  • 2007 Susan Iwanek Chief Executive Officer
  • 2008 Remap Internet panel launched. BBC Lifeline appeal raises £5,500
  • 2010 Remap becomes an incorporated charity
  • 2014 Adam Rowe appointed CEO and Remap celebrates 50 Years and helps over 100,000 people
  • 2017 David Martin appointed CEO. Remap is helping ten people every day of the year.