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At Remap we recognise that many of the people we help are at particular risk from coronavirus. In addition, our free service is provided by a network of volunteers, many of whom are retired and at additional risk themselves.

Our priority is to keep everyone safe so we are avoiding face to face contact where possible. You can find our policy statement here. As ever, please contact your nearest Remap group for their advice.

Keep well and stay safe!

Read what our volunteers say

Remap volunteers are highly valued - everything we do depends on volunteers!

Remap volunteers:

  • enjoy the challenge of solving problems
  • have the pleasure of helping people achieve things
  • belong to a local group of like-minded people
  • keep their skills and talents alive and relevant

Volunteer – Samuel

I enjoy volunteering for Remap because of the variety of projects you can get involved in. And you couldn’t ask for a friendlier atmosphere!

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Volunteer – Richard

It is great to be able to use our engineering skills to make something unique like this; it makes a really big difference to someone’s quality of life.

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Volunteer – Steve

When I retired I found something was missing from my life; the mental challenges and camaraderie of work. A friend mentioned Remap and he challenged me to take on being the Chairman.

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Volunteer – Jill

So far I have been involved with nearly 1,000 cases, each one unique, interesting and challenging. I am still thoroughly enjoying my work for Remap; it is hugely rewarding.

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Volunteer – Les

As a former carpenter, I felt that I might be able to make a difference to local disabled people. I have gone on to meet and work with many amazing people as a result.

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Volunteer – Jean

I read an article about REMAP and thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of my 22 years’ worth of Occupational Therapy knowledge!

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Volunteer – Rod

In reality volunteering isn’t just about giving, it is also about receiving; it’s a wonderful two-way experience.

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