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Read what our volunteers say

Remap volunteers are highly valued - everything we do depends on volunteers!

Remap volunteers:

  • enjoy the challenge of solving problems
  • have the pleasure of helping people achieve things
  • belong to a local group of like-minded people
  • keep their skills and talents alive and relevant

Volunteer – Samuel

I enjoy volunteering for Remap because of the variety of projects you can get involved in. And you couldn’t ask for a friendlier atmosphere!

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Volunteer – Richard

It is great to be able to use our engineering skills to make something unique like this; it makes a really big difference to someone’s quality of life.

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Volunteer – Steve

When I retired I found something was missing from my life; the mental challenges and camaraderie of work. A friend mentioned Remap and he challenged me to take on being the Chairman.

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Volunteer – Jill

So far I have been involved with nearly 1,000 cases, each one unique, interesting and challenging. I am still thoroughly enjoying my work for Remap; it is hugely rewarding.

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Volunteer – Les

As a former carpenter, I felt that I might be able to make a difference to local disabled people. I have gone on to meet and work with many amazing people as a result.

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Volunteer – Jean

I read an article about REMAP and thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of my 22 years’ worth of Occupational Therapy knowledge!

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Volunteer – Rod

In reality volunteering isn’t just about giving, it is also about receiving; it’s a wonderful two-way experience.

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