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At Remap we recognise that many of the people we help are at particular risk from coronavirus. In addition, our free service is provided by a network of volunteers, many of whom are retired and at additional risk themselves.

Our priority is to keep everyone safe so we are avoiding face to face contact where possible. You can find our policy statement here. As ever, please contact your nearest Remap group for their advice.

Keep well and stay safe!

Workplace giving

IMG_1172Payroll giving enables you to make regular, tax-free donations to Remap. Your gift comes straight from your salary before you pay tax, which means the amount you would otherwise have paid in tax to the Inland Revenue on your donation comes to us instead! For example a £10 donation will only cost you £8 if you are a standard rate taxpayer (20%) or £6 if you are a higher rate taxpayer (40%). Payroll giving makes a significant difference by allowing more tax to go to charities and simplifying the process.

It’s easy to join a payroll giving scheme – check with your HR or Payroll department on how to sign up. If your company does not yet operate a scheme, visit The Payroll Giving Centre website for more information.

  • Organising fundraising events at work. From cake sales, to ‘Guess the Managers Sitting Room’ or taking part in Hell Running, raise money and have fun.
  • Promoting our events in your workplace and encourage keen cyclists, athletes and adventure seekers to take part in challenge events.
  • Offering your skills and knowledge – let us know if your company operates a volunteering scheme; we may have just the project for your support.
  • Charity of the Year – persuade your company to make Remap Charity of the Year and you willl be able to make a significant and tangible difference to the increased reach and support the charity can provide.